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"By employing a radical new approach involving the solution of special anagrams, Robert Nield has made a major breakthrough in identifying the real author of the Bard's plays. Fascinating throughout" - Tony Homer, Waterstones, Stratford-upon-Avon.

"I was a 68 year old traditionalist. This book is convincing and it is highly likely that Robert Nield is right. If Shakespeare is the biggest cover up in history...we are in for a big shake up in the way we understand English history." - David Slatter, High Wycombe

"This book is a testament to what an independent mind can achieve. The evidence and implications - that William Hastings was the true bard - are conclusive to me." - Colin Berry, Winchester

I was a convinced Marlovian - till my wife bought me this book. On reading Breaking the Shakespeare Codes I was quite flabbergasted. I cannot dismiss the sheer volume of examples indicating a link with William Hastings. - Malcolm Elliott, Leicester

Overall, I found the book's thesis convincing - John Paxon, Shrewsbury



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